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What Does Search Engine Optimization mean?

The science and art of attracting a steady stream of suitable visitors who are looking for what you have to offer are often called search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

We are specialists whose expertise is to find correct keywords for your site’s target audience based in New Zealand and worldwide, and suggest practical «on page» optimization measures, which would prompt search engines to notice you for all the right reasons.

Together with building online presence among resources dedicated to your industry, including blogs and forums, these measures would lead to gaining more recognition for your business and bringing extra people who are willing to spend money on the services and goods you offer. Compared to the costs of lost sales, a dedicated SEO professional may give your company a significant boost relatively cheap.

Promotion for businesses

Today’s search engines are much more sophisticated than they used to be 5 or 10 years ago. Search algorithms change often, with the view to improve users’ experience and provide cleaner, more targeted results.


If you have a website but struggle to attract customers, we can help you improve your results. Our advanced knowledge and years of experience in this field will ensure improvements in your site’s overall performance and reach, giving you the ability to concentrate on servicing your clients.

It is possible to achieve better rankings in search results for your keywords and get more traffic.

How We Do SEO

SEO Auckland

Our work is compatible with the current requirements by search engines. Your website needs to be viewed as a quality resource, the definition of which changes over time, sometimes within months.

Whether you are looking to simply increase the number of visitors to your website or blog, or trying to obtain more qualified local traffic within Auckland that can turn into orders, these goals can be achieved using only white hat SEO techniques.

SEO Steps

  • SEO audit
  • Keyword research and development
  • Meta tags and content revision
  • Inbound links building
  • Social media planning
  • Purchasing and obtaining free links from high-traffic, high authority pages
  • Maintaining existing positions in Search Engines

SEO Helps Your Business grow

As with building a house, it is a sum of many activities that contributes to the final creation.
There is no single thing that provides a guaranteed top placement within generic (non-sponsored) search results.
It is a thorough and competent approach that will step-by-step build the castle of your website’s online presence.

The importance of online visibility for businesses is out of question, with Internet sales growing steadily for the majority of operators over the recent years. It is also the reason why professional SEO services are seen by Auckland companies as an affordable investment with a potentially high ROI.

The introduction of local targeting by search engines and globalization of the online marketplace offered new opportunities and challenges to business owners. While it is easy to quickly acquire traffic through the use of pay-per-click advertisements, the costs may be prohibitive for smaller enterprises. This is where a reputable SEO expert providing qualified services of SEO in Auckland and others cities of New Zealand.

Based on your specified budgets, goals, and the current site’s performance, our certified experts will be able to determine the best way to achieve your desired outcomes. We offer custom SEO campaigns that will suit your budget, and still allow you to enjoy immediate and quantifiable improvements in your online visibility.

As any good  SEO company, we take pride in using only ethical practices that meet the current industry standards and webmaster guidance provided by major search providers. It is essential that tactics and tools used in promoting your site are compliant with what is defined as acceptable optimization techniques, otherwise your web pages may be penalized, which could cause lasting damages. Some overseas or inexperienced local operators use methods that are no longer considered as «white hat» SEO, which causes their clients more harm than good.

We make it our goal to provide affordable and effective SEO services that position your business for a long-term success.

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